Build a new property or expand your current home

Looking for more space? Want to be closer nature? Teleworking is accelerating the shift away from big cities. Many people reconsider city living, trading traffic and pollution for more living space and to be closer to nature. Goodbye sky-high prices! Why pay more when you could build a home on your own land or expand the house of your dreams?

With our new reality of everyday teleworking, the current situation is pushing families to seek larger properties with spacious living areas to improve their lifestyle and work remotely. The real estate market is experiencing a dramatic increase in selling prices.

From June to August, transactions in the regions on the outskirts of the metropolis jumped by 41% while the latter has increased by 20%, according to a study by the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers. The phenomenon can be observed everywhere and in all regions. The market favours sellers who make big profits. But what about buyers who sometimes pay more than $100,000 above the municipal assessment for a single-family home? An impulsive decision which, in a volatile market, can be extremely expensive.

Choose a smart investment for the long-term

Ask yourself what you really want and don’t compromise. Do you want to build a home adapted to your needs and those of your family on a magnificent land bordered by nature? Add an annex to your current home that you love?  Or expand your secondary residence  to live there full-time and be able to enjoy your favourite hobbies between two Zoom conferences?

Custom construction, a must

You’ve found an exceptional land? Assign your house project to an experienced real estate developer and general contractor.  With its Novoclimat 2.0 houses, its 10-year warranty, unique in the industry, and nearly 50 years of expertise, Construction Voyer is the ideal partner to help you lead your ambitions to success.

In recent years, Construction Voyer has designed over 500 models including cottages, single storey, intergenerational, and Net Zero Energy Houses. Experts in sustainable construction projects, Construction Voyer builds healthy, ecological and superior quality living environments with a warranty that is twice that of other builders.

Expanding your property, an informed decision

Are you considering undertaking major renovation work to enlarge your home (extension, elevation, excavation, annex)? Construction Voyer’s team of professionals will ensure the success of your project by analyzing your needs and providing you with a complete and detailed action plan. Trust the expertise of the most renowned architectural technicians and site managers in the industry to deliver impeccable results at a competitive price.

To find out more

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Enjoy your planning!


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