Voyer Quality: properties distinguished by the Novoclimat certification

At Construction Voyer, our mission is to turn your property into an exceptional living space by offering the latest innovations in energy savings and sustainable development. This multifaced quality program allows Construction Voyer to position itself as one of the most innovative players in the industry.

Now a certified construction guarantee!

Construction Voyer has given itself the mission to exceed the quality standards established by the industry with every real estate project it undertakes.

In 2017, Construction Voyer decided to include Novoclimat certification as part of every new home construction!

Our vision: to always give our clients and future homeowners more, by making eco-energy housing affordable and remaining at the top of our field for sustainable building practices.

These standards encompass every aspect of the design and construction of Construction Voyer homes. Through the effort made to make these plans a reality, materials selection, care taken for every last finishing detail and the construction techniques used, Construction Voyer ensures delivery of properties featuring:

-High energy efficiency through superior insulation and airtight sealing;

-Consequential savings on heat;

-An air circulation system that provides excellent ambient air quality;

-Excellent soundproofing;

-Proven durability;

-Refined and contemporary design;

-Increased ergonomics;

-Construction norms higher than industry standards.

With increased awareness of the benefits offered by eco-energy buildings, buyers are nonetheless nervous about the additional costs associated with sustainable building. Now with Novoclimat, high energy efficiency properties are more accessible than ever to future homeowners. With up to a maximum of $4,000 in available subsidies (see program details at www.efficaciteenergetique.gouv.qc.ca), the Novoclimat program is a quality guarantee unto itself!

What’s more, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Society’s green housing program is predicting refunds to the tune of 15 to 25% for anyone looking for a mortgage to build a Novoclimat home. Desjardins is also offering a refund of up to $2,000 from the green housing program.

Construction Voyer also guarantees that every new construction meets the standards established by the Garantie de Construction Residentielle (GCR).



Eco-responsible Innovation

Our ambition is to make your home an exceptional place to live, all while contributing to the preservation of our environment and natural resources. This is why we’ve developed a solid expertise in matters of energy efficiency and sustainable development. Our company positions itself as one of the most innovative players in the industry as well as a builder emeritus in terms of our respect for responsible land planning and development practices. Construction Voyer contributes to the adoption of sustainable practices within the industry and among its clientele. To find out more, visit our Eco-responsibility section.

Exceptional neighbourhoods: lifestyles that suit you

Construction Voyer carefully selects the areas where its residential projects will take root. As such, we focus on neighbourhoods that offer green spaces, a natural environment, close to main traffic arteries, public transportation and choice commercial areas. These exceptional properties, located in coveted neighbourhoods, guarantee excellent resale value and unparalleled quality of life.

Flawlessly distinct customer service

Our commitment to quality wouldn’t be complete without unparalleled customer service. Our team is committed to being present and engaged before, during, and after the construction of your property. Thanks to this philosophy, two generations of Quebecois families currently enjoy homes that suit them completely, where each of life’s little moments becomes an unforgettable memory.

Satisfied customer testimonials


I would like to highlight my appreciation for the services received by Armodec (www.armodec.com) and Construction Voyer. It being my first condo purchase, I had a few specific demands for the unit to meet all my needs. First, Joanne-Marie Boutin, a Construction Voyer representative, was able to respond to my questions and specific demands. She is devoted to her customers and especially, very available. I felt supported every step of the way. Thanks to Joanne-Marie, I feel like I’m in good hands. Marc L'archevèque, owner of Armodec, listened to my specific needs for my kitchen. Unparalleled customer service. He was open-minded and searched for a solution to my specific requests. He then referred me to Isabelle, a designer at Armodec, to modify the plan (3 drawers) and recommend a new colour with a bistro finish. Isabelle met with me the very next day before opening hours to accommodate my work hours and confirm my selection. She gave me excellent advice and, most importantly, with a smile! Working with Armodec was a pleasure! Thank you Mr. Voyer for your open-mindedness with regards to the modifications to my condo. Your excellent customer service matches your reputation in the market.

After the service I received, I am proud and happy to have purchased a Voyer condo.

MS De P.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! First of all, know that I am more than satisfied with the work you have done. I just wanted to thank you for the quality and thoroughness of your services. You not only demonstrated your comprehension of my idea, but also your professionalism and above all, speed.

Thank you again for the work delivered and see you very soon for the next projects, as I am now a loyal customer, considering the quality of your work and the satisfaction it has brought me. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend you to friends.

A big thank you to Roger Smith, Lise Goyette and Alain Caron for their warm welcome and friendliness, all were helpful and kind. Your qualities and sense of professionalism really contributed to the success of this project. during the short time you worked with us, you went above and beyond expectations, making and suggesting changes that made all the difference to the project.

Big thank you to Orazio, who reworked my idea to a T and helped it take shape. The results are simply stunning.

Thank you to the team