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Green roofs: A growing trend!

Since their arrival in Montréal in the mid-2000s, green roofs (or living roofs) have multiplied by the hundreds in the city. Inspired by the principles of sustainable urban planning, these increasingly popular installations offer a unique aesthetic, as well as numerous benefits for their owners. An overview.

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Maisons Confort CertifieMC - Construction Voyer

Quebec’s First ComfortCertified™ Homes

Far more weatherproof than traditional homes built according to national building codes, future ComfortCertified™* homes provide maximum insulation, considerable reduction in energy consumption, leading to comfort at every level.

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Maisons efficaces Hydro-Québec

Construction Voyer Joins the Hydro-Québec Efficient Homes Program!

Driven by an ambition to offer their clientele increasingly eco-responsible and innovative homes, Construction Voyer announced its participation in the “Efficient Homes” program created by Hydro-Québec. The move demonstrates the company’s commitment to integrating into its new constructions a range of features and technologies that will provide future owners with real, sustainable savings.

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