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Construction Voyer Legal Notices and Terms of Use

Welcome to (this “site”). This site is used by Construction Voyer Inc. (“Construction Voyer”). The term “Construction Voyer” is used on this site to represent all companies and firms operated by members of the Voyer family (René Voyer, Pascal Voyer and Jean-François Voyer). These terms and conditions determine the use of this site and also apply to any other web site that need comply (in whole or in part) to these terms and conditions, in compliance with the terms and conditions of such a site (this site and the other web sites in question are collectively designated as “the Construction Voyer sites”). All content contained on Construction Voyer web sites belongs to Construction Voyer or its affiliates, as well as third party affiliates who publish content with the permission of Construction Voyer.

However, Construction Voyer does not accept any direct responsibility. These terms and conditions, the privacy policy, any additional terms and conditions you accept when using certain elements of Construction Voyer web sites, as well as any other term and condition on the Construction Voyer site, where required, are collectively referred to as “the terms and conditions”. When you visit or use a Construction Voyer site, please read the terms and conditions, as they constitute the agreement between Construction Voyer sites in their entirety and highlight the legally mandated terms and conditions that govern your visit to Construction Voyer sites and all functions available on Construction Voyer sites. The terms and conditions apply to all people who visit an applicable Construction Voyer site, regardless of their level of engagement.

In using the Construction Voyer site, you confirm having read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions (including, yet not limited to, any other terms and conditions proper to the Construction Voyer site in question, as well as privacy policy). You agree not to use a Construction Voyer site for any motive that is illicit or goes against the terms and conditions. Construction Voyer reserves the right to periodically modify the terms and conditions, without notice. If you disagree with any modification, your only recourse is to cease all usage of Construction Voyer sites. The use of a Construction Voyer site after the date any modification has taken effect constitutes your acceptance of the modification and consent to the ensuing terms and conditions. Construction Voyer can put an end to any Construction Voyer site, in whole or in part, at any time and without warning, and is not obligated to preserve or respond to any message or comment. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use this site or any Construction Voyer site and do not transmit any personal information.

Site and Canadian awards

All content and information found on a Construction Voyer site apply only to the Canadian market. All prices listed are in Canadian dollars and all products and services described on this site are only sold in Canada. Even though we take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information and product pricing, any information found on a Construction Voyer site should not be substituted for information provided by Construction Voyer sales offices or authorized points of service. These terms of use are governed by applicable Quebec and federal Canadian legislation.

All prices, technical characteristics of products and services and other details on a Construction Voyer site are for information purposes only, subject to change at any time and without obligation, may vary from one region to another and may not be entirely up-to-date or accurate. Any calculation involving price, tax or finance rates is for information purposes only, represents an estimate and may not be entirely accurate. Each concessionaire determines the actual transaction price. Get in touch with our sales office or service point for accurate pricing on any product or service as well as applicable terms of use.

Project and home representation

Homes and projects listed on Construction Voyer sites are for illustrative purposes only. Homes and projects listed are generally examples representative of an equivalent model. Home and project details may vary from those shown depending on the options and characteristics you choose. Availability of homes, projects and other products may be limited.

Responsibility notice

At any time, Construction Voyer can revise its terms and conditions by updating this document or the document containing the terms and conditions (like the privacy policy document or additional documents on terms and conditions contained on other Construction Voyer sites, if applicable). These revisions must be respected. As such, these pages must be visited from time to time for the latest updates.


All Construction Voyer sites and the information contained therein are offered on a “as is” basis, for information purposes only and may contain technical, typographical and other errors. In certain sections, information provided may represent an opinion or judgment. Construction Voyer, its suppliers and representatives, offer no guarantee or representation of any nature, express or implied, including but not limited too, guarantees relative to the use of Construction Voyer sites, nor to the accuracy, entirety, or timeliness of the details, information, content, availability, as well as to the products and services described on Construction Voyer sites. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Construction Voyer disclaims all warranties, representations and conditions, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties in merchantability, and non-infringement. Construction Voyer is not responsible for the content nor practices of any web site not affiliated with Construction Voyer and does not assume, directly, or indirectly, approval or support of non-affiliated sites, nor its affiliation with them. When clicking on a link to a third-party site, you must read the term and conditions and privacy policy of that site.

You consent to using a Construction Voyer site at your own risks. Construction Voyer, its content providers and affiliates are not responsible for damages or losses of any kind, including direct, indirect, special or consequential damages as well as punitive damages to interests associated with your access to a Construction Voyer site, your inability to access the site, any computer virus obtained from a Construction Voyer site, any breach in communication caused by a Construction Voyer site, the use of a Construction Voyer site or any error, omission or defect in a Construction Voyer site or its functionality, or for results derived from faith in the content of a Construction Voyer site. Construction Voyer, its content providers and their affiliates issue no legal, medical or financial notice, nor any other service or professional consultation other than those explicitly described.

Third Party Information

A Construction Voyer site may contain links to other web sites that are independent from Construction Voyer (third party sites). Construction Voyer has no control over the content, privacy policy or practices of third party web sites and no liability for them. Construction Voyer can neither censure nor modify any third party web site. By clicking on these links, you formally release Construction Voyer from any liability concerning your usage of any third party web site or content from a third party web site. By using a third party web site, you must be aware that you are leaving a Construction Voyer site and must read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of each third party web site you visit.

In certain portions of Construction Voyer sites, you may be requested to submit details or information concerning a specific residential project. By clicking on these links, you will be redirected to the web site or web site section of a Construction Voyer project. Each project can exercise its functions as a distinct legal entity, independent of Construction Voyer Inc.

All prices, characteristics, specifications and options may change without notice.

Licenses Held

Copyright © 1999-2015, Construction Voyer. All rights reserved. This site, including the entirety of its content, is protected by international copyright laws and by conventional measures, whether a copyright notice appears on content or not. All text, images, graphics, animations, videos, music, sounds and other documents found on this site are protected by copyright and other intellectual property copyrights held by Construction Voyer, its affiliated companies and license issuers. By using this site, you consent to abide by international copyright laws and prevent any unauthorized copying of content. With the exception of any provisions made hereafter, Construction Voyer does not grant any right, expressed or tacit, as to patents, trademarks or copyrights.

If you consistently conform to these terms and conditions, Construction Voyer gives you non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited access rights to use, post, and listen to a Construction Voyer site including any information, images, sounds and text (“documents”) found within. You consent to not interrupting or attempting to interrupt the functioning of a Construction Voyer site in any way. You agree to not refute the proprietary rights of Construction Voyer nor the validity of its rights in terms of all documents contained within any Construction Voyer site.

Construction Voyer authorizes you to consult and download documents found on this site and other Construction Voyer sites for personal and non-commercial use. This authorization does not constitute a title transfer of content or downloaded copies of content, and these downloaded copies are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. you must conserve, on all copies of downloaded documents, all legal copyrights and trademarks found therein;
  2. you may not modify the documents in any way and you may not reproduce the content, post it, execute it, distribute it or use it publicly in any other way or for commercial purposes;
  3. you may not transfer these documents to another person without relaying the relevant obligations associated with their terms and conditions and they are accepted;
  4. you may not alter nor undertake any action that might interrupt, compromise, deteriorate or hamper the usage, functions, or functioning of any Construction Voyer site.

All licenses granted to you by a Construction Voyer site and its downloadable content will be immediately cancelled if you violate the applicable terms and conditions, including the preceding restrictions and measures. After such a cancellation, you agree to immediately cease using Construction Voyer sites and their content.

Copyright Considerations

The Construction Voyer name, as well as all trademarks and logos on the Construction Voyer site, are held or used under license in Canada by Construction Voyer. Non-authorized use of  any trademark on a Construction Voyer site is strictly prohibited.

Modification of a Construction Voyer site

Construction Voyer reserves the right to modify any Construction Voyer site, including, but not limited to, technical details or product prices, at any time and periodically, without warning or obligation. Your use of a Construction Voyer site after the publication of modifications is subject to the new terms and conditions.


All information provided that can be used to identify you in the context of your use of a Construction Voyer site and interaction with it, are governed by the Construction Voyer privacy policy.

Content published on a Construction Voyer site

You consent to giving Construction Voyer the unrestricted and irrevocable right, within the context of the Construction Voyer privacy policy, to use and give other people the right to use any content you publish on a Construction Voyer site. You agree and guarantee that such content is original, does not violate third party intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality or other rights, in any way. Construction Voyer reserves the right to remove any content you publish to a Construction Voyer site.

Indemnity clause and release from responsibility

By using a Construction Voyer site you consent to release Construction Voyer from any responsibility, to indemnify and defend Construction Voyer, its holding companies, affiliates and affiliated companies, their suppliers, sub-contractors, associated contractors and respective marketing and promotion agencies, as well as their respective employees, agents, directors, members and shareholders against damages, claims, responsibility and expenses (including reasonable lawyer fees) resulting from your utilization of a Construction Voyer site, your infraction or presumed infraction of patents, copyrights, trademarks, grandfather rights or other third party rights. Construction Voyer reserves the right to ensure the exclusive defense and control of any contrary litigation subject to an indemnification on your part, and in such a case, you consent to collaborate completely with the Construction Voyer’s defense in the event of a claim.


Any claim, controversy or conflict (whether relating to a contractual responsibility, by virtue of a law or regulation, or otherwise, occurred in the past, present or future) having to do with the interpretation or execution of (a) these terms and conditions; (b) any Construction Voyer site; (c) an advertisement or promotion related to these terms and conditions or the use of a Construction Voyer site; (d) in the context of any legal report associated with these terms and conditions or the use of or that stems from a Construction Voyer site, will be judged and ultimately resolved as per the laws that govern the province of Quebec. Any procedure linked to these terms and conditions or a Construction Voyer site will be presented in the applicable court located in the city of Laval.

Link creation, bot use and archiving

If you would like to create a link to a Construction Voyer site, you must respect the following guidelines:

  1. you may not integrate the content of a Construction Voyer site into your own site (ex. inclusion by reference, framing or the creation of other navigational environments or borders around the web site content). You may only create a link to site content and not reproduce it;
  2. you may not include Construction Voyer trademarks, or logos in your links;
  3. you may not give the impression of a relationship or affiliation with Construction Voyer;
  4. your site may not present content that is offensive, in bad taste, illegal or inappropriate;
  5. you may not use a web research bot or any other research tool to gather information from a Construction Voyer site.


Other conditions/restrictions



These terms and conditions are at your disposal in French and English.

Customer service questions

Construction Voyer sites are designed to serve as a resource and discussion forum for people interested in Construction Voyer projects, products and services. Unfortunately, they are not the place to discuss questions relating to guarantees or customer service issues or products and services sold by Construction Voyer. If you have a question about a Construction Voyer product or service, please communicate with our headquarters at (450) 963-8300 during usual office hours.


These terms and conditions pertain to all current and preceding communications, whether transmitted electronically, orally or written, between you and us, within the context of a Construction Voyer site or services rendered via a Construction Voyer site. If a tribunal judges that one of these terms and conditions are illegal or non-executable, that term will be eliminated and the others will remain in effect. Construction Voyer failing to enact or put in place any rule or measure from these terms and conditions does not exonerate any rule or measure. If a tribunal or competent administration decides that a measure of these terms and conditions is not valid, both parties consent that the tribunal must endeavor to pursue the intentions of both parties as indicated by the measure. All other measures of the terms and conditions will remain completely in effect.


Construction Voyer web site privacy policy

This statement discloses the privacy practices and policies in effect to protect personal information provided via the Construction Voyer web site. If you have questions with regard to these practices and politics, please send them to us via email at the following address:

Construction Voyer respects your personal privacy. We believe ensuring the security of your personal information is an important part of our job and we do our utmost to protect any information you provide us. If we ask you to provide any personal information, we will tell you the purposes for which we intend to use that information. Your personal information is not lent or sold to anyone for any purpose.

Information Collection, Use, and Disclosure

Information gathered on falls under the following categories:

  • Aggregate site use information
  • Online order information and security
  • Newsletter subscription information


Aggregate site use information

We record information about the pages viewed by all of our web site visitors. This data includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, connection speed, read time, display time, and number of clicks.

We use this data, in aggregate form, to compile statistics and reports for Construction Voyer’s use, and improve the online experience for all visitors.

We may, on occasion, provide portions of this aggregate information to vendors, consultants, potential advertisers, or news agencies. Typical uses of the data in this fashion would be to gauge the amount of interest in our site and/or to plan for site infrastructure improvements.

Cookie Use

A cookie is a small text file stored on a user’s hard drive. Depending on how you have configured your browser, when you visit our site we use cookies. Cookies are required to solicit information on our site. We use cookies to assist with anonymous site traffic analysis, which includes tracking the time/date of visits, pages viewed, and referring URLs.

There are simple ways to either refuse all cookies, or accept them each time they are offered. Consult your browser’s help files for assistance on changing cookie settings or removing cookie files.

Our Site Security

We use appropriate security safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access. Any personal information you provide to Construction Voyer is exchanged on a secure server. We use one of today’s most advanced security systems, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, to encrypt, or encode, information you send to us in the order process. The encryption process protects your information, and we make all reasonable efforts to ensure its security on our own systems.

Electronic newsletter subscription

Our electronic newsletters are sent only to users who choose to provide us with their email address. Our newsletter subscriber database is never sold, rented or loaned to any other parties. Subscribers who wish to update their information or unsubscribe from the newsletter can do so by emailing us at or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of company emails.

We collect aggregate information regarding open rates, page views, and generated sales from our newsletters. Aggregate information does not personally identify individuals.

Fraud Prevention

Construction Voyer reserves the right to co-operate with local, national, or international law enforcement or other authorities in the investigation of improper or unlawful activities and this may require the disclosure of personal information. If such an investigation requires disclosure of personal information kept in our records, we may be required by law to cooperate. We also reserve the right to report improper or unlawful user activities on our site, which may require the disclosure of personal information relating to those individuals conducting such improper or unlawful activities.

This web site contains links to other sites and advertisements. This privacy statement only applies to information collected by our web site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices and policies of these third parties.

Accuracy of Information
We strive to ensure that any personal information we retain and use is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which we will use it. We do not routinely update personal information unless necessary for these purposes. Nonetheless, if our records regarding your personal information are inaccurate or incomplete, we will amend that information at your request.

Access to Information
At your request, we will provide to you a statement explaining the extent to which we hold personal information about you, and we will explain how that information has been used or disclosed by us.

This page will be updated if information about the collection and use of your personal data changes.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Construction Voyer may update this privacy policy at any time. We will notify you about material changes to this privacy policy by placing a prominent notice on our web site. As well, a history of those changes will be noted here, beginning with changes published after January 1, 2015.

Any changes in our use of personal information contrary to subscribers’ initial consent will be posted, in advance, on our web site with instructions regarding consent to any changes. All changes will remain in compliance with federal and provincial privacy legislation.


Anti-Spam Policy

Construction Voyer has a zero tolerance spam policy to protect our subscribers and other individuals who receive our messages. We only send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) from our servers in compliance with this Anti-spam Policy.


When does Construction Voyer send CEMs?
Construction Voyer only sends CEMs in the following contexts:

  • You have explicitly informed us that you would like to receive such messages.
  • Construction Voyer is engaged in a commercial activity with you, and the CEM consists solely of an inquiry or application related to that activity.
  • Construction Voyer is providing a quote or estimate for the supply of a product or service if you requested the quote or estimate.
  • The CEM facilitates a commercial transaction that you previously agreed to enter into with Construction Voyer, or it completes or confirms the transaction.
  • The CEM provides warranty information about a product or service that you use, have used or have purchased.
  • The CEM provides notification of factual information about: (i) your ongoing use or ongoing purchase of a product or service offered under a subscription, membership, account, loan or similar relationship with Construction Voyer, or (ii) your ongoing subscription, membership, account, loan or similar relationship with Construction Voyer.
  • The CEM delivers a product or service, including product updates or upgrades, that you are entitled to receive under the terms of a transaction that you previously entered into with Construction Voyer.
  • You have provided your email address to Construction Voyer, or have published your email address, without placing any restrictions on its use.
  • You have an existing business relationship with Construction Voyer.
  • Construction Voyer is otherwise permitted by law to do so, and believes the CEM is necessary or may be useful to you.


Opt-In and Unsubscribe
Opt-in email is an online marketing term for promotional email that recipients have previously requested by signing up via, subscription form or other paper forms. Ideally, web users are invited to sign up for promotional information about one or more product or service categories. Those who signed up have thus ‘opted in’.

If at any instance you want to cease receiving CEMs from Construction Voyer, you may click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any CEM. When you unsubscribe using the links provided in our CEMs, your request will be processed as soon as possible, and no later than 10 business days after you send the request.

Receipt of Unwanted CEMs from Construction Voyer
In the unlikely event that you receive any unwanted messages from Construction Voyer or sent using Construction Voyer servers, please contact us via email at