Construction Voyer 10/10 Event : Habitat Veridis

The 10/10 event is in full swing!

From February 10 to March 10, save $10,000 on our condos, townhomes and single- family homes, in addition to enjoying a 10-year construction warranty.

Construction Voyer invites you to find the property of your dreams and benefit from an unprecedented offer during the 10/10 event.

Find your perfect match with Construction Voyer!

Événement 10/10 Event
Discover our seven flagship real estate projects: Le Haut Corbusier condos, Val-des-Ruisseaux condos, Le Logix condos, Domaine des Ambassadeurs, Domaine du Parc, Habitat Veridis and Les Manoirs de l’Île-Claude.

All promotion details and our real estate projects here.

Find your perfect match!

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