Setting up a home office

Now that teleworking has gained popularity in the mainstream business world, office space is becoming a must at home. Here are a few inspirational ideas to help you organize a functional and versatile workspace.

The first two criteria to consider are: where will you set up your office, and what purpose will it serve? Now you can determine the surface area you will need for your professional activities. Will you just use a laptop? Do you need extra space for manual or craft work, or perhaps technical drawings?

Maximize your square footage

To transition between « work-life » and « home-life », it would be ideal to have a separate room for your office. But that’s not always possible. So, take time to analyze your environment. Can you make use of some lost space like an empty wall, an alcove, a window corner, a staircase or even… a closet? You’d be surprised by the sheer ingenuity of interior designers!

Storage and functionality

A desk with built-in drawers, shelves, bookshelves/racks, baskets, boxes, cabinets, slate walls, cork boards, wire mesh screens or pegboards… all great ideas to optimize the organisation of your workspace and gain more surface area (height and width). The more structured your office is, the more efficient and productive you will be. For smaller spaces, consider a retractable desk.

Comfort and light

Forget your kitchen island stools! In the long run, workspace ergonomics will play a big role in your comfort, and especially your posture. To avoid neck, back, elbow and wrist problems, choose a chair that offers good lumbar support. Consider using a bench to support your feet, if necessary. And when it comes to your eyes, use as much natural light as possible, and then add extra lamps and lightbulbs.

Décor and inspiration

Treat yourself! Design and decorate your workspace so you want to spend time there. Plants, photos, jars, books, practical tools, accessories…go wild! Pin magazine clippings or prints that stimulate your creativity or help you envision projects that really matter to you.

The perfect location for your workspace

Does your job offer the possibility of working remotely? Check out our beautiful housing projects on the north and west shores of Montreal for the ultimate peace and quiet… and good times.

Happy designing!

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