Sécurité famille

Security: Small Details, Big Difference

We think buying a property where all the little details are taken care of to provide its inhabitants with the highest possible level of safety and security is a wonderful perk, don’t you? Here are 4 simple and key aspects to remember when building your home.

Security is a combination of factors that together, allow us to feel safe and happy at home: a solid building structure with maximum insulation for all-season comfort; top quality materials for better durability over time as well as excellent re-sale value; and a welcoming neighbourhood where you can live each day to the fullest. Yet there are still a few hidden details that we don’t always think about, but do make a real difference.

Bath Mixer

1. Bath Mixer

Did you know that a child can be burned instantly in bathwater higher than 70 degrees Celsius? Since we rarely have a thermometer on-hand while running the bath, installing a bath mixer and setting the temperature to 43 degrees Celsius ensures that bath time remains a fun time.

Micro Arc Detectors

2. Micro Arc Detectors

According to statistics, 14% of house fires start in bedrooms. The cause? Poor quality lamps and other electrical equipment, pinched or inadequately plugged in electrical cables that cause short circuits. A micro arc detector will cut the electrical supply before a short circuit happens, preventing sparks in the insulation and ultimately, a fire from starting.

Three-Element Hot Water Heater

3. Three-Element Hot Water Heater

When the hot water heater breaks down, or the shower suddenly goes from hot to cold, we come to appreciate the value of a quality hot water heater. Compared to traditional 2-element hot water heaters, which cost virtually the same and consume the same amount of energy, the 3-element hot water heater offers superior durability and reliability since less demand is placed on its electrical components. A smart and eco-responsible choice!

Prises électriques Tamper Resistant

4. Tamper-Resistant Outlets

There’s nothing more tempting to stick small fingers and other tiny bits into than those low-to-the-floor electrical outlets. Tamper-resistant outlets are exactly that – designed to allow nothing in except the two-pronged plugs that they’re meant for. Completely remove the risk of electric shocks or worse when small children are around with this little detail.


Inclusions that make life safer and by virtue, more comfortable

At Construction Voyer, we make it our mission to equip all our homes with bath mixers, micro arc detectors, 3-element hot water heaters as well as tamper-resistant outlets to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your home and family.

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