Logix : Living Room and Kitchen

Flavour of the Month: HUMÀ DESIGN

Known around the world for their prestigious work with Cirque du Soleil, this Quebecois architecture and design firm is behind the complete redesign of the Logix model unit… and takes the opportunity to share a few tips for maximizing spaces.

Construction Voyer tasked the multidisciplinary team from HUMÀ design with the mission of modernizing, refreshing and making the unit feel more spacious, which was accomplished ingeniously and in record time. The following is a snapshot of key elements from the redesign.

Logix : Room

1. Use of colour to open up spaces

In another era, beige paint weighed a room down and had a hard time harmonizing with the modern look desired by the neighbourhood’s urban clientele. The designers’ use of light hues, like white and grey, opened up the space and accentuated the natural light in the spaces.

Logix : Kitchen

2. Choose furniture that suits the space

Special attention was paid to furniture. Large and not uniform, the original furniture took up way too much space and made the open-area concept feel small. So, the design team opted for a lighter furniture aesthetic.

The stools, tables and lighting chosen showcase aerial, pure, and minimalist lines. This type of furniture provides the perfect illusion of transparency, ideal for lightening small spaces.

Logix : Bureau

3. Opt for splash of colour accessories

Lastly, a splash of colour was added via decorative accessories for a timeless and inviting effect. It’s actually much easier for a potential buyer to imagine themselves in an environment when it’s neutral. In the end, cushions, wall art, and carpets are easier to change than paint – a considerable plus when you want to sell your property.

For more on HUMÀ Design, click here.


How do you like the new Logix?

Visit the new Le Logix project page.

Or recreate the style at home using this inspiration.



Suspended Lighting – Bouclair

“Suspended Diamond” Suspended Lighting – Bouclair


Tables and Stools

Coffee Table – Mobilia

End Table – Structube

Left: Stool – BoConcept
Right: Stool – Zone



Geometric Vase – Zone (also available at Z’Axe)

Cushions and Throws – Bouclair
Cushions and Throws – Bouclair

Plaid Throw – Simons
Plaid Throw – Simons

You can also find beautiful cushions, lighting and decorative accessories with geometric patterns at Z’Axe Boutique.
Happy shopping!

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