Terrebonne: Northern Beauty

What’s the one word that best describes this city in the Lanaudière region? Magnificent! Renowned for its charming heritage, architecture and unique nature of Île-des-Moulins and Old Terrebonne, our northern beauty boasts numerous reputable establishments and activities to awaken your senses during the cold winter months. Spotlight on our fav destinations.

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Protéger sa propriété

10 Tips for Preparing Your Property for Winter

Preserve your property’s appearance and avoid major renovations in the long run by performing these recommended maintenance tasks every season. François-William Simard, Communications Director for the APCHQ, has provided us with this handy list of 10 tips for preparing (and protecting) your home for the harsh winter months.

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Maisons efficaces Hydro-Québec

Construction Voyer Joins the Hydro-Québec Efficient Homes Program!

Driven by an ambition to offer their clientele increasingly eco-responsible and innovative homes, Construction Voyer announced its participation in the “Efficient Homes” program created by Hydro-Québec. The move demonstrates the company’s commitment to integrating into its new constructions a range of features and technologies that will provide future owners with real, sustainable savings.

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