Une nuée de miroirs ronds sur le mur du salon

5 ways to integrate mirrors into your décor

Whether large, small, round, oval, square or rectangular, mirrors embellish every room in our living environments. Here’s a close-up of how to creatively use this trendy item…

1. Visually enlarge a small space

Cleverly arranged in an entrance or a small space, mirrors provide an impression of grandeur. Opt for a vertical mirror placed on the floor to create depth. Or a round, or wide one to double the area of a room.

Mur de salon avec miroir pleine largeurSource

Plusieurs miroirs au sol dans le salonSource
Miroir sur foyer de salle à mangerSource

2. Brighten the space

If hung facing a window or under a light, a mirror completely changes the atmosphere of a room. Sometimes illuminating it. Sometimes adding a dramatic look, like a work of art, in a space that may be as dark as a hallway.

Miroir rond dans l'entréeSource

Grand miroir dans salle à mangerSource

3. Create an optical illusion

Reflecting what lies before it, a mirror can turn into a surprising visual illusion. Create a skylight or a second window in a dining room or living room.

Miroir fausse fenêtreSource

4. Play with volume and perspectives

Displayed together for an « infinite » look, or occupying the entire space of a wall, mirrors multiply the square footage of your space, creating links between rooms, or ingeniously defining them.

Un miroir fixe au mur de l'entréeSource

Salle de bain ancienne avec miroir infiniSource

5. Revitalize the décor of a room

For a dramatic result, combine mirrors of similar styles or colours that blend well with your furniture and fabrics. Mirrors add a touch of fantasy and design, while brightening the rest of your décor.

Miroirs triangulaires originaux en bois Petits miroirs de forme hexagonale dans l'entrée Miroir style docteur dans entrée ou bureau

Source 1-2, Source 3

Miroir rond intégré avec décoSource

Let our living environments inspire you

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Happy decorating!

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